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Educational Vision and Goals


    Our department not only commits itself to raising the grade of Taiwanese athletes to the level of international recognition, we also devote our energies to refining athletic scholarship. We prepare our students for management, guidance, and counseling work at aquatic and recreational facilities, as well as to become on-campus trainers and physical education teachers. Our department helps students to obtain the professional accreditation they need to take these positions, and we assist them by planning in aquatic and recreational education and development in professional recreational work. To bring our graduates better in tune with modern trends in the industry, we encourage them to continue their academic achievements in national and international graduate degree programs, to train to become athletic equipment researchers in the aquatic sports fields, and to participate in research in sports training science.


Educational Goals:

  1. Develop competitive aquatic sports; provide a professional environment for athletic training; train internationaly recognized athletes.
  2. Provide our students with a complete curriculum in aquatic sports; train professionals in aquatic sports guidance and management.
  3. Supply our students with professional training courses; train expert trainers and referees.
  4. Stimulate interest in scientific research in athletics through our science courses; encourage students to enter into the sports sciences research field for career development, educational guidance, and national testing.